Cocktail Infusion Packs by 1Pt


Cocktail Packs each contain one all-natural botanical 1pt Infusion Blend Packet along with pack-embedded QR code content that extends the cocktail experience from the bar into the home. Rapid infusion (ready in just a few hours) makes our simple 3-part recipes easy for anyone to follow. QR-linked content provides recipes, how-to's, and cocktail hour playlists served right to the customer's phone on demand. Each Cocktail Pack makes 6-12 drinks.

    • Bloody Simple - an infused vodka cocktail; the easiest Bloody Mary you’ll ever make. 7 infusion ingredients deliver a savory burst of flavor that leaves optional heat up to you.
    • Fleur 75 - an infused vodka/champagne cocktail; a riff on the the classic French 75 champagne cocktail with infused floral notes of lavender, orange, and licorice root combined with an essence of subtly sweet fresh lemon.
    • Mocha Martini - an infused vodka cocktail; there is no denying the galvanizing effect of this eye-opening combination of vodka, coffee, and - in this case - subtle, velvety chocolate.
    • Gintonica - an infused gin cocktail; a Gin & Tonic in the Spanish style with an essence of complex infused notes of sun-dried Omani Lime, Lemongrass, Rosehip, and Mt Olympus Flower. Garnish with gusto!
    • Firecracker Margarita an infused tequila cocktail; this one goes off with a BANG! Just the right amount of salt, sweet, sour, and heat - a classic!
    • Smoky Margarita - an infused tequila cocktail; lots of smoke but no fire here! Thanks to infused notes of smoky black teas and ethereal bergamot that nestles right beside earthy tequila and tangy lime.
    • No-Muddle Mojito - an infused rum cocktail; let’s put muddling to the side and concentrate on flavor. Gloriously, and simply, presented here for your enjoyment. No muddling required.
    • Barrel Old Fashioned - an infused whiskey cocktail; infused notes of wood and leather with subtle hints of island spice form the perfect complement to this otherwise traditional Old Fashioned.
    • Ginger Sour - an infsued whiskey cocktail; One of our all-time team favorites, and nothing more than a bit of ginger, elderflower, and lemon.
    • Rossa Mimosa an infused vodka/champagne cocktail; infused notes of hibiscus and Mediterranean bitter citrus add a gourmet undertone to this brunchtime classic.
    • Citropolitan - an infused vodka cocktail; Lemon verbena- and ginger-infused vodka pairs perfectly with the classic Cosmo tanginess of fresh lemon and cranberry juices.