so glad you "stopped in"

Hello, Friend.

I am honored that you chose to “stop in” and explore give.

I’m a little obsessed with finding the perfect gift for the people I love, and I guess I come by this quite naturally. I was raised in small town Iowa by my entrepreneurial father and a mother who made every life event and holiday special by the gifts she shared with others. I recall spending hours…and hours…at the kitchen table creating beautiful baskets out of crepe paper and oatmeal boxes to fill with candy and surprise neighbors on May Day. We baked homemade cinnamon rolls shaped like Christmas trees during the holidays. We meticulously wrapped boxes with perfectly coordinated bows for birthdays, weddings and graduations. Gifts from our home were creative and unique and selected with great care. They were meant to be personal, were beautifully packaged and always given with the sole intention to surprise and delight.

give. is founded in the same spirit of gifting I learned as a child.

Officially launched in November 2017 at a holiday trunk show, give. offers unique, personal gifts that are neatly packaged and “give-ready” for life’s special occasions.  A portion of every sale is intentionally shared with local charities and organizations. It's been almost 5 years since give. began and - with the unwavering support from my family and many loving friends who continue believe in the mission <and in me, thank goodness!> we have donated over $40,000 to make Iowa stronger. 

I no longer burn the midnight oil creating homemade May baskets, and I am perfectly content buying cinnamon rolls for the family Christmas dinner. I still believe that there is just no substitute for the ritual of thoughtful gifting to show gratitude, celebrate life's special moments and make a difference in this big beautiful world.

Let's give. together -

xoxo  Suzanne