we carry ambre blends!

never heard of Ambre Blends?

Ambre blends is a natural, clean, and nontoxic option that works with your body's chemistry to radiate a unique fragrance specific to you. It's (almost) exhausting how many people notice and ask, "what are you wearing?" Seriously...

due to vendor restrictions, we are unable to sell Ambre Blends directly to you via our online store. please call, visit our store, or email us and we'll happily answer your questions and assist you in making your purchase. 

12ml pump - $57


the original and most popular essence. It's the foundation of each essence and every product in the line. 

12ml pump - $57


an alluring scent created with over 13 essential oils such as frankincense, blood orange, coffee, mandarin red, patchouli, and leather (using vegan natural plant based oils).

12ml pump - $57


blend of jasmine, neroli, sandalwood, and a hint of rose. A fresh, light floral fragrance.

12ml pump - $57


ambre essence blended with vanilla and a secret, special ingredient. A calming, peaceful blend.

12ml pump - $57


a balanced and transcendent aroma mixing the sweet, tenacious scents of tuberose and lotus flower with the warm, soft notes of violet leaf, tobacco and champaca.